Agency 2012: New Business Development

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Maura Howard
Maura Howard



agency-2012-business-development It’s been another whirlwind year for agencies both big and small. This year, our contributors gave us insight into everything from client relations to the fight against spec work, as well as some useful tips geared toward everyone from consultants to digital agencies. As brands say goodbye to the traditional agency approach, multiple specialized agencies have become the norm. That, along with changes in both agency compensation and the pitch process, has only reminded us just how volatile the agency world is.

Variable Compensation: When is it Right and for Whom?

“Implementing this is not as simple. There are certain stigmas to overcome when it concerns someone’s salary in an agency environment. Let’s face it: We’ve not given anyone any reason not to be cynical about an “incentive-based compensation” package.”

How To Win Friends Quickly in a Hostile Consultant Territory

“Don’t just come in and start throwing stuff out of the door. Not only will you piss a lot of people off, but going too quick and throwing all the ideas out at once not only shortens the time they are going to need you, but too many ideas will make it overwhelming.”

What Are Clients Looking for in a Digital Marketing Agency?

“Digital agencies have the ability to access detailed analytics to measure ROI, and therefore deliver a more tangible set of results than possible with traditional channels. The expectation for lofty returns on digital marketing investments is just part of the equation.”

Should You Ever Say “No” to a Potential Client?

“The biggest lesson we learned was that working with a client solely for the money is a huge, and often deadly, mistake. You have to decide the price that YOU are willing to pay before ever working with a client. Only then can you effectively grow and succeed as a business.”

A Pitch for Doing Away with Ad Agency Spec Work

“I do understand the desire to go above and beyond for the right client with the intention of repeat business. What I don’t agree with is when big-time clients and big time agencies continue to do this, making it almost seem like an industry standard.”

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