Agency 2012: Creativity and Branding

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Maura Howard
Maura Howard



agency-2012-creative-brandingBetween the 2012 Olympics and presidential elections, we saw plenty of opportunities for top-notch creative branding this year. These major events were perfect examples of the multi-platform world we live in, where agencies must consider digital, social and mobile along with traditional media when building a brand.

In our favorite branding and creative posts of 2012, take some lessons in branding from Google, professional athletes and even the Grand Bazaar. We also have a new strategy to jumpstart your creative process and reasons why you should believe in the brand from ad geniuses.

Bumblebee Sex: A Creative Buzz

“Besides being one of the most effective and efficient paths to fresh ideas, and in spite of its seemingly on-again/off-again appearance, this method is also a pretty fast way to find creative solutions.”

Brands Are Dead. (Really?)

“Given no pushback, customers will always ask for a better price. Quite simply, they have to see the value in paying more. A fact that applies not only to brands, but to your services as well.”

How Google Got Its Brand Back

“Marketing? Marketing was for losers. In the early days, the Google guys decided that their brand would be defined not by ad campaigns, but by a singular focus: Be the best search engine on the planet. In doing so, they stumbled upon a brand by accident.”

In-store Marketing Strategies Learned from the Grand Bazaar

“As a customer, you are never made to feel ignored, even if the language barrier makes conversation consist of more hand gestures than words. They will leave you alone if you say you need time to browse, but are ready to assist you whenever you are ready.”

Branding Lessons From the Pros (Athletes, That is)

“Ochocinco is constantly named one of the NFL’s most disliked players. However, he’s active in social media. He’s not just responding to people day in and day out; he’s inviting fans to dinner, movies, you name it. He’s successfully created a community of more than 3 million followers.”

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