Agency 2012: A Year in Digital

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Maura Howard
Maura Howard



agency-2012-digitalEach year we are reminded that the digital frontier is changing at an overwhelming pace, and it’s all we can do to keep up. Not only has digital created new, potentially groundbreaking opportunities for brands, but it also continues to challenge agency professionals to stretch their digital creativity. The inevitable transition to mobile and the need for responsive web design looms over many, while mastering the art of search is still a conversation worth having.

2012 was a year of high expectations for brands digitally, and in response, digital experts were eager to give us their take on the topic.

Top 7 Sins When Hiring a UX Consultant

“The problem with consulting is it’s not like going to Kohl’s and buying a shirt. There’s no such thing in the usability or UX world as a set price for a set amount of work that is standard across all consultants.”

Developing a Language with Developers

“Companies, even major digital shops that have made the switch from traditional to digital, have poor relationship skills with their most important team members. They are still running an agency like they are selling 2D formats.”

Consumer Expectations Driving the Evolution of Loyalty Programs

“The expectation, almost a social contract, is that if consumers share personal information, rewards programs will use this information to provide more gainful, hyper-relevant communications and offers.”

Preparing Your Agency for Responsive Design

“This eliminates a common scenario in which a user visits a website on their smart phone, but can’t find what they want on the mobile site. Some users will click the ‘Go to Full Site’ button to look for it by pinching and zooming, but many users will just look elsewhere.”

Are You Aware? DR Tactics: Search Continuum

“Consumers can quickly evaluate all the search results, both organic and paid, and easily click to the one that is most relevant. Make no mistake about it: consumers are in control, in a hurry, and have specific expectations that you must meet if you want to be successful.”

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