The Agency Style Guide: 50 Creative Moustaches to Try This Movember [Infographic]

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




It's that time of year again -- when men forgo the razor to let their facial hair "hang out" in support of Movember, a month-long event to raise awareness and funds in support of men's health.

And typically, you can find some of the most supremely stylish examples of nose foliage within the halls of agencies. While I have no facts to support this, I'm assuming it is because our industry attracts creative minds whose genetic makeup results in interesting facial hair formations. 

To inspire your month-long boycott of shaving, check out the below infographic from Charley Chartwell detailing some of the most famous moustaches to sprout and find shape. And ladies, there's still time to order your own moustache supplies to support Movember. 


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