Many agencies grow organically -- you add a new client, so then you hire a new account manager; a client asks for ongoing website work, so you hire a developer. Hiring is reactionary.

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This approach is fine, but it is far from optimal. According to the Marketing Agency Growith Report 2018, 67% of agencies intend to hire more staff in the upcoming year. When your firm becomes more skilled in forecasting sales, managing growth, and selling retainer-based work, you can better predict your financial health six or even 12 months in advance, which means you also can predict hiring needs. 

Use a design model for outlining agency's current and future goals  instead of using the outdated organizational charts in the past.

Designing a company organization chart is no easy task. You can take a functional approach, where you organize people based on their job duties. You can also organize your staff around programs or initiatives. Most likely, you will create a document that is evolving and a combination of different models. In the end, it should work for you and your staff, and it should prompt you to consider on a regular basis how you want to grow and how you will grow your staff. 

To help you get a better view of how to design an agency organizational chart, we’ve put together a free ebook on the issue -- The Guide to Agency Org Charts. In this guide you'll see the organizational structures of inbound marketing agencies of varying sizes and specialties.

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Originally published Jun 2, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated April 05 2018


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