Marketing planning is changing.

The 6-12 month campaign cycle is irrelevant when it comes to digital, so marketers are adapting the language and processes of the software field. Words like Agile, iterative, and adaptive have become commonplace in our lexicon.

To execute on content and social media marketing, teams needs to be faster to respond, and workflows need to adapt to include consumer feedback and analytics.

It means teams need new skills and ways of producing creative work.

The below infographic from ProofHQ shows how increases in budgets and changes in creative production are transforming the marketing landscape.

Is your agency ready to go Agile?


Key Stats:

  • 97% of marketing teams capable of successfully handling large volumes of projects have an adaptive process.
  • 60% of those team able to handle large volumes of projects being delivered on time have a project manager involved.
  • 60% said marketing had a primary responsibility in both software management and in project management.
  • 64% of companies handling a high volume of products are automating some part of the review and approval process.

Originally published Nov 14, 2014 7:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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