Blue Moon Works, Inc

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Blue Moon Works, Inc. is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that leverages statistical analysis, best-in-class technology and proven direct marketing principles to maximize eCommerce revenue for its clients.

We provide a full suite of online marketing services, including analytics and e-commerce strategy, email marketing, pay-per-click campaign management, display advertising, remarketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social marketing, CRM optimization and international e-commerce strategies.

Utilizing our patent-pending Visual Intelligence Cubes (SM), we rapidly analyze e-commerce data and take actions to improve the performance of our clients' digital marketing efforts. The results are more traffic, more revenue and a greater return on investment.

Blue Moon Works Inc. clients include global brands in retail, fashion, apparel, home décor and consumer products.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 96

3-year Growth: 29%

Year Founded: 2003


Twitter: @BlueMoonWorks

Location: Denver, Colorado

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