10 Brands Names That Have Snagged a Spot in the Dictionary [SlideShare]

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting



Seeing Eye dog, Bubble Wrap, Onesie, Weed Eater: These common terms are actually brand names that have become so popular in our lexicon that they are the terms to describe a product or thing. While the trademark and copyright laws are not often followed, these names can only be used in association with the brand. A onesie is made by Gerber, while a dog not trained by Seeing Eye of Morristown New Jersey is simply a guide dog.

This applies to an entire suite of products where their function or use has superseded the brand name. 

Branding agency 3 Colours Rule put together the below SlideShare featuring 10 brands whose names have been added to the official record book of our language. Learn which companies have secured a spot in the dictionary.

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