13 Brands That Mastered Marketing on Vine in 2014

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




Social video has had more than its six seconds of fame.

In 2014, stars (or specialists in the micro-video format) emerged and partnered with big brands, and the platforms hosting the videos matured to provide advertisers with more tools and functionality -- including auto-play and sponsored videos.

These short videos are in big demand. And brands are using the format to make a big impact on buyers.

Here are 13 brands that exceled at using Vine as a creative outlet in 2014:


Oreo created some of the best marketing around Halloween with its #OreoLab contest, whcih asked viewers to submit names for its ghoulish “nomsters.” For the holidays, it’s using the platform to get people make Oreo cookie balls and turn them into festive treats.


The brand featured characters and objects created from its multi-colored bricks.


BMW partned with Vine stars to promote the features of its i3 model.

Toaster Strudel

The brand used wit and pop culture references to promote its breakfast treat.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee, donuts, sprinkles -- all the makings for a great Vine. The brand maintains an active presence, creating short videos around national events that feature its goodies.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung exceled at using its phone, cameras, and other products in its Vines without them seeming too product-centric.


Lowe’s #FixinSix is considered by some to be the best example of a brand using Vine to market itself. This year, it released eight new videos for the campaign and maintains a strong overall feed with how-to videos and promotions.

General Electric

GE provided a fun view of the world of science through its micro-videos.


The French sports newspaper created Vine videos that featured Lego characters recreating the best goals of the World Cup.


To promote its convertible laptop, HP asked users to submit ideas for a series of Vines. The brand compiled the videos into a 30-second TV ad.

Jack in the Box

The fast-food retailer proved that you only need a few seconds to spark someone’s hunger.


#HyundaiHank, an action figure, acts as a guide to the features of the 2015 Sonata.


The yogurt brand used the #SnackHijack hashtag and stop-motion animation to position its product as a healthy alternative for the hungry. 

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