Why Clients Fire Agencies [Free Ebook]

Angela O'Dowd
Angela O'Dowd



The relationship between marketing agencies and their clients is a lot like a marriage. You meet, you court, you fall in love, you get married. Then, like all good marriages, you enjoy a honeymoon. It could be a few weeks or a few months.

After that, like any marriage, you come to a fork in the road. You will either go on to live happily ever after or you will experience the business equivalent of a divorce -- you get fired. Dumped. Canned.

It all seemed so good, so promising. You signed a contract, and they were paying their retainers (and on time, at that!). You were writing blog posts, optimizing their website, tweeting, posting fabulous things for them on Facebook, and doing the things their business needed done to generate more traffic and drive more leads.

Then, one day, your normally hyper-responsive client doesn’t return your emails or texts. You left a voicemail, but your call wasn’t returned.

When you finally do connect, that enthusiasm in the client's voice is gone. You aren't "feeling the love." You soon get that one-line email that says, “Can you send me a copy of our contract?”

Your gut tells you those retainer checks won’t be coming much longer.

You should have seen it coming, right? The last-minute canceled meetings, the questions about what it is that you do exactly, the way they no longer look you in the eye. Then, they pull the trigger. You’re not really providing any value, they’re not seeing the results they expected, they can do this themselves. You’re fired. Adios, amigo.

So, where did you go wrong? After studying more than 500 of these "breakup conversations," we’ve learned that it’s almost never a major screw-up that leads an agency to getting fired; it’s a lot of little things that add up over time.

Learn about the most frequent breaking points in the client-agency relationship by downloading the Why Agencies Get Fired ebook here.  

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