Cocktail Hour: February 24, 2012

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Amy DiFrancesco
Amy DiFrancesco



cocktail-hourDo you ever have those times where there’s just so much going on, your browser tabs are bursting, your inbox is full and you can’t seem to read everything you want? Isn’t there an easier way?!

Seemingly, it’s Charts and Infographic Week here at Cocktail Hour. Data visualization and infographics are a visually compelling way to put forth a bunch of information in a creative way. Plus, they’re just really cool. No overload needed. Sit back, relax and absorb:

Should You Send That Email? Here’s a Flowchart for Deciding (Fast Company Design): Does email drive you crazy? For me, it’s mostly because my Blackberry vibrates loudly enough to disturb everyone around me each time I get one. Did you know that an employee can lose 13 hours of work per week just dealing with email alone? Take a look at this chart and determine if your message is, to paraphrase Elaine Benes, “email-worthy.”

The Anatomy of Content Marketing (Content Plus): Content is king, and here’s why. Content marketing helps establish trust, increase visibility and prove your worth. It shows your brand’s personality, allows users to connect more personally and just generally provides good stuff to your consumers and clients. If you aren’t incorporating it, why not?

Smartphones Becoming a Major Shopping Accessory (WebProNews): With the rate of smartphone ownership growing each day, it’s a natural progression that consumers would use them in some capacity while shopping. While actually purchasing via smartphone is still a wary point for some users, the devices are used for price comparison, product searching and reading reviews. What does this mean for mobile development? What can we create to make purchasing experiences even better for consumers?

The Future of Facebook (SocialMouths): Whether your Facebook presence is for personal use, professional branding or a combination of both, the changes the network is undergoing is affecting communication, commerce and connections. Imagine a world where Facebook is the only website you go to. How will this affect digital strategy and branding? Or will the Facebook Government of the future have something to say about it?

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue (Copyblogger): If you’re experiencing a case of writer’s block, whether with copy, email marketing, social updates...whatever the case may be, we can all use a little help sometime. Expand your brain, look around and seek inspiration in the most unexpected places.

What have you been reading (or infographing) this week?

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