Cocktail Hour: January 6, 2012

Amy DiFrancesco
Amy DiFrancesco



It’s 2012, and it’s my resolution, perhaps along with you, to be consistently learning throughout the new year. Each Friday, The Agency Post will be featuring five articles we’ve read this week that we think deserve to be shared. These reads are perfect over a cup of coffee or even a smart cocktail. Personally, I’d recommend a whiskey and diet.

In no particular order...

The Reddit Guide to Fitness (Greatist): Reddit, while being a reliable source for cat photos and rage faces, is also a useful hive community. This infographic takes user-sourced information from Fittit, the fitness subreddit, and synthesizes it into a handy guide. Especially if one of your other resolutions is to get in shape.

5 Steps to Manage the ROI of Digital Media Channels (Fast Company): There are lots of factors that go into tracking the success of digital campaigns, and it doesn’t all magically come together with the wave of your Digital Wizard wand. Take the time to establish goals, organize and plan!

9 Quirky Things Every Cool Workplace is Required to Have (Cracked): Cracked isn’t your typical professional site, but it hit the nail on its proverbial head with its tongue-in-cheek critique of “What makes a workplace cool?” How many of these things are in your office? Yes, I have this Nerf gun under my desk.

Married? Want To Keep Things That Way? Stay Off Facebook (And Use Twitter Instead) (AllTwitter): Since the point of social media is ultimately to connect real people, it’s interesting that these communication tools are now factors in the deterioration of offline relationships. The Internet is still public record, people.

Internet Access Is Not a Human Right (New York Times): Without the Internet, our jobs would be a lot different (and you wouldn’t be reading this right now). This editorial reminds us to keep in mind the rights that are actually bestowed upon us, and how the Internet works as a catalyst to support those rights.

What have you read that was particularly awesome this week? Share with us in the comments below!

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