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Corporate Renegade is a creative agency focused on creating breakthrough copy, messaging and strategy (with the occasional design project for those clients who want to look as good as they sound). Its goal? To help you stand out, get noticed and, ultimately, get paid.

The Corporate Renegade team is a group of people who were tired of the status quo and wanted to make a great living while making a difference. They're just like you — if you're a bad-ass, hard-working individual or a company that wants to level the playing field for small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Renegade was founded by Matthew Goldfarb, who serves as lead copywriter and Chief Renegade Officer.

He started Corporate Renegade out of his spare bedroom in Brooklyn after spending 12 years writing television commercials, radio spots and websites for clients such as 1-800-COLLECT (the ones with Mr. T!), Volvo, Subaru, Dove, Campbell’s, Viagra…well, you get the picture.

Fed up with the politics of corporate life (and being told one too many times to do things a certain way because “that’s how we’ve always done them, results be damned”), Goldfarb decided to take his talents and work “on the road” to find clients who were tired of looking, sounding and behaving like everyone else, and help them create copy, messaging and strategy that actually helped grow their business instead of feed their ego.

It only made sense that he would name his company Corporate Renegade.

From day one, the company's goal was simple: to help people stand out.

Although Corporate Renegade outgrew its tiny office in Brooklyn and migrated to a bigger office in Western Massachusetts when the team expanded, the mission hasn’t changed.

Corporate Renegade is still in the business of standing out.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 27

3-year Growth: 430%


Twitter: @mattsgoldfarb

Location: Sunderland, MA

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