Why So Serious? Unlock Your Creativity With LEGOs

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting



Do you remember your excitement when opening the container of LEGOs? The sounds of the small blocks tumbling onto the floor? 

I would sit there looking at the pile of possiblity, wondering what I was going to build -- create. 

And this is what we do each day -- we come up with an idea for the final framework and work to put together the pieces. We see how things fit. We discover that one route creates an unexpected problem. 

The leaders at LEGO realized this in 1996 and came up with a way to encourage purposeful play in the business world with a methodology known as LEGO Serious Play. It is built on a process where people build LEGO models based on a facilitator's questions. The exercise is meant to prompt sharing of knowledge, problem solving, and group discussion, and it is used to increase creativity and innovation within the team. 

The hope is that by building metaphors and activating the use of our imaginations, we will be more adept at considering options and developing strategies. 

Learn more about how colorful building blocks can inspire innovation in your team by viewing the below SlideShare. 

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