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Evolve Communications creates powerful, meaningful and effective marketing and PR solutions that fit your budget. We’ve worked with businesses and organizations of all sizes and at all stages, and we have the knowledge and resources to fulfill your needs. Our services are flexible and can be scaled with the growth of your programs.

At the heart of our company, we are a startup seeking to disrupt the mold of agency services. Founder Daniel Waldman was itching for a new challenge after spending several years working at a variety of PR and marketing firms. He set out to create something that offered better service than a big agency at a far more affordable price.

Our work and affordability have made us a choice partner for several startups. Indeed, that work has grown to be a significant portion of our business, and in 2012 we launched Rocket Packs for Startups to better serve this community. Rocket Packs for Startups is a set of low-cost marketing and PR packages designed for startups at all stages and levels, intended to give startups the lift they need: To get off the ground or to the next level.

We’re young and hungry with broad experience in tech, healthcare, arts, B2B and consumer industries. We’re proud of what we do and where we’re from, and we’re confident we can deliver better service than a big agency.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 47

3-year Growth: 181%

Website: www.simplyevolve.com

Twitter: @danieldubya

Location: Baltimore, MD

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