10 More Fast-Growing Independent Agencies You Should Know

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




The digital demand has changed the face of agencies. 

This is especially evident when you look at the fastest-growing firms: Agencies with a speciality in data, product innovation, and multicultural marketing are a dominant force on these lists. 

Current research from SoDA, an organization representing digital agencies, support this trend. It found that clients rank product and service innovation as the second most valuable asset an agency can offer. 


clients-want-agencies(Image via The SoDA Report 2014)

The agencies that are growing are those that are evolving to meet the changing needs of clients. This requires making tough choices and changes. It needs focus and a solid system of accountability.

We’ve pulled together a list of 10 of the fastest-growing independent agencies based on revenue growth from 2012 to 2013 (as gathered in Advertising Age’s Agency Report 2014) in the U.S. Check out these high-growth firms, and consider how your agency can join their ranks: 


Location: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2010


Cibo specializes in experience design, branding, and technology, focusing on building digital brand experiences for the likes of Tesla and Disney.  

Deep Focus

Location: New York, New York

Founded: 2002


Deep Focus helps brands reach "consumers who increasingly live beyond the reach of advertising" by specializing in content marketing, influencer relations, and research. In 2012, it launched a creative newsroom to discover share-worthy content for brands. 

VSA Partners

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 1982


VSA Partners has worked with brands such as Chanel, Indigo, and GE that specializes in bringing together branding and digital to drive business results. 

DWA Media

Location: San Francisco, California

Founded: 1996


DWA is an international media planning agency focusing on the technology and B2B markets. 

Liquid Interactive

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Founded: 2006


Liquid Interactive has worked with brands such as Mac and Martin Guitar to build their digital and mobile homes. 

Code & Theory

Location: New York, New York

Founded: 2001


Code and Theory design products, which is defines as anything that is the business itself, on various platforms. It recently completed the redesign for the Webby Awards, Vogue.com, and NY.gov.

T.D. Wang Advertising Group

Location: Seattle, Washington

Founded: 2004


T.D. Wang specializes in creating multicultural campaigns in various different languages. 

Woodruff Sweitzer

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Founded: 1992


Woodruff Sweitzer is a full-service agency with a strong protoflio of work in the agriculture and pharma markets. 

OneWorld Communications

Location: San Francisco, California

Founded: 1994


OneWorld Communications has affiliate offices in 17 countries to help brands break out in new markets. It also specializes in working on social good campaigns and government-related marketing initiatives. 

Proteus B2B Marketing

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan


Proteus B2B Marketing helps B2B companies in crowded markets reposition themselves for differentiation. The firm specializes in SEO and social media. 


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