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socilateBriefly tell us about Socialite.

Socialite is a new social app designed to keep friends in touch throughout life. Syncing with all of your Facebook friends’ current cities, Socialite makes reconnecting easy. Our app allows for users to view their closest friends, share their locations, and contact them right through the app.

What has been the most effective marketing tool for introducing a new brand to the market?

The most effective tool has been social media. Using Facebook and other mediums has helped us reach thousands of people we otherwise wouldn't have. Start with friends and use a great idea paired with incentives to reach your market. We are giving away an iPad in return for shares and “likes.” This has largely propelled our marketing and reach.

How big of a role does data play in making decisions on launching or changing the focus of a product/service?

Data is really important. We’re constantly analyzing customer feedback and using analytic tools with our traffic. It allows you to pivot as needed and focus on what users are really looking for. Sometimes an idea you have seems to be game changing, but it is so important to get it in front of the end user and achieve customer validation.

What’s one thing you look for in an agency partner?

I look for similar perspectives and goals for the company. I also look for someone with a track record of experience and skills that are an asset to the team.

How should agencies apply startup principles (e.g. The Lean Startup, rapid iteration, etc.,) to operate effectively and create breakthrough work?

I’m actually reading “The Lean Startup” as Socialite launches. It’s a great book that really explains the importance of validating your idea with users or customers. By creating an experience customers love — not just your team — your idea will gain traction. For example, today, a lot of apps that saw huge success early on have added so many features that users are actually deterred from using them. Understanding customers and what they are looking for is vital to a company’s success.

How can agency leadership encourage internal innovation?

Agency leadership can encourage internal innovation by really creating a culture within the company. Over time, firms have literally created an infrastructure that fosters innovation because of the results it delivers in customers and bottom-line profits. For example, Intuit has been working not only to inspire innovation within certain teams but also within its entire organization. It creates events where innovation is rewarded and shown off.

What is your advice for retaining young, technologically savvy employees?

The best advice I can give for finding and retaining talented employees is to go to local meetups and find individuals who are a good match for your company. Once you have a few spokes in the community through these groups, it will lead to many more connections and eventually to talented employees. Retaining these employees can be achieved by creating a workplace that they love coming to every day.

Many advertising professionals find themselves interested in entrepreneurship. What advice would you give to someone with marketing skills interested in starting a new venture?

I’m very interested in advertising and marketing, so this question really hits home with me. My advice to get started in entrepreneurship would be to become more aware of your strengths — and then capitalize on them to create a business that you can dominate. If you know what you are good at, use those skills to create a business that caters to them. Also, hone your skills in finding talented individuals who are good at the things you aren't. By finding partners or employees who are extremely talented and have skills you don’t, you will increase the likelihood of success and have more fun while you’re at it.

What new trend in marketing/digital media are you most excited about and why?

I’m really excited about mobile advertising and where it is headed. Since we are launching an app, we have several integrated mobile ads, and I am seeing huge progress in ads as time passes. Ad space is becoming much more intelligent and interactive, and it results in new customers (and of course sales).

Bryce Satterfield wanted to become an entrepreneur shortly after he turned 12 years old. He began brainstorming ideas and soon walked around the neighborhood, clipboard in hand, attempting to sign neighbors up for a lawn-mowing program. Since then, the business has grown quickly — servicing many communities and providing full property maintenance and landscape architecture solutions. At age 19, Satterfield launched another business called BSR, a real estate investing firm. Year after year, BSR has grown as well by buying and leasing property.

Satterfield’s businesses have been voted in the top of Intuit’s “most loved businesses.” At age 21, Satterfield was recognized by Empact100, which is a compilation of the top entrepreneurs and companies in the U.S. ages 30 years and under with revenues more than $100,000.

Shortly after his college graduation, Satterfield launched a new start up called Socialite, which is a new social mobile app. Socialite is an app that helps friends stay in touch through the power of social media. Socialite is Satterfield’s first tech startup.

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