They're impulsive, changing their minds on a whim and wishing for the impossible.

They're demanding, nagging your team with incessant questions and request.

What's worse than the worst client you could imagine?

The agency that contorts and transforms itself into everything the client wants and more.

It's one thing to build a relationship. It is another for a business to turn into an order taker.

Both agencies and clients say they value creativity, expertise in emerging trends, and product and service innovation in an agency. However, the day-to-day of maintaining and collaborating between two teams makes a single email or request seem like the thing standing between your agency and that next review. With this narrow view, an agency metamorphosizes into a Frankenstein-like monster -- one that fulfills a client's every need and want.

We've outlined -- with an air of fun -- what agencies become when clients are the architect and creator. It creates a truly terrifying monster. 


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Originally published Sep 24, 2014 5:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017