Going Back For Seconds: How To Remarket to Your Retargeted Customers

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Wendy Kam Marcy
Wendy Kam Marcy



My recent post introduced the topic of retargeting, outlined when it works and provided steps on how to create a successful retargeting campaign.

So, did you manage to convert that window shopper into a paying customer? Job well done! But the success of your retargeting campaign shouldn't end there. There are still plenty of opportunities to engage a converted user and bring him or her back for second and third purchases without appearing like a silent stalker.

Here are my three key strategies for post-conversion engagement:

1. Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Retargeting relies on serving ads to consumers who have shown intent to buy or have made a previous purchase. Take advantage of their interest and familiarity with your brand by introducing new products and cross-selling. For example, a great opportunity to show a consumer ads with related products, such as services and accessories, is after he or she has purchased something.

Amazon Retargeting2. Create a Loyalty Program

Target your converted list by offering limited-time discounts on future purchases. For example, a travel site can offer 20 percent off a car rental or sell admission tickets to an attraction. Offering VIP promos is an excellent way to acknowledge and reward your repeat customers, create good will and secure further brand loyalty.

Travelocity Retargeting3. Show Ads at the Right Time Intervals

When a customer converts, a burn pixel fires. Make sure you set a new one and move the buyer into the next stage of the buying cycle. Then, start showing him or her relevant ads that relate to the stage they are in.

Set your retargeting ads to show at specific times when customers are more likely to make a purchase, such as during the holidays. If you sell a product with consumables such as ink cartridges, remind customers that it's time to stock up on new ink, and offer an incentive to shop now. The same tactic is used with magazines or subscription services that require monthly or annual renewals.

Initially, your retargeting campaign should focus on brand awareness, but your post-conversion retargeting campaign should be about cultivating relationships and increasing brand loyalty and lifetime value from these customers.

Trust and loyalty go hand in hand when it comes to securing repeat business. You can gain a bit of both by refreshing your creative every 72 hours to avoid ad fatigue, and tailoring your messaging around return visits, repeat purchases and referrals.

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