GraphEffect Expands Its Reach on New Collaborative Platform

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting



shift-grapheffectGraphEffect launched with the goal of making social media advertising management more collaborative. Available to the public less than two months ago, GraphEffect made planning, analysis and the execution of Facebook advertising campaigns easier through the use of teams, a sidebar for ongoing conversations, campaign pages and custom applications.

Expanding upon its goal to bring social networking concepts to enterprise solutions, today the company announced the launch of, an application network that will allow users to work from one online space and use a variety of collaborative programs. GraphEffect will now reside on the SHIFT network.

The Platform API will allow developers and partners to integrate or custom build software programs to be included in the app store. Currently there are five partners that will be included in the launch of SHIFT: Kenshoo, a social, local and search management software; Lettuce for tracking orders and inventory management; Gradient X, a mobile media demand side platform; The Resumator for collaborative hiring; and HYFN for development needs.

GraphEffect has also brought on Adam Gerston as the vice president of strategic partnerships for SHIFT. Gerston, who helped to grow and manage the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers Program, understands how social networking is beginning to creep into traditional corporate structures. “At the end of the day, I think SHIFT can be for your work life what Facebook is for your social life,” Gerston said.

With SHIFT, users will be able to selectively choose which applications fit their needs. Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of most enterprise-level software solutions, SHIFT is bringing together individual companies that excel at providing a niche service. Users can choose which programs fit their needs, yet maintain one interface. Gerston, who will be based in Silicon Valley, will be working with development partners to create and customize applications for the SHIFT network.

James Borow, CEO of GraphEffect, believes that the generation of people who have grown up using Facebook and other social networks to plan events and communicate feel that the approval, management and workflow of businesses are broken and inefficient. And enterprise software has done little to combat these issues. “That’s a big problem with how people are approaching enterprise today,” Borow said. “They think that people work in silos, and in reality, most of our job is really happening across organizations.”

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