Heat is a creative agency that believes in the power of surprise to solve problems, build brands, and turn ordinary customers into raving fans. We’re actually kind of obsessed with the science of surprise. We’ve studied the work of neuroscientists, psychologists, marriage counselors, marketing professors and stage magicians to learn about all the delightful things that can happen when you encounter something unexpected. Exciting things like superior advertising performance, or sky-high customer retention rates… or just feeling less comfortable and more alive. And so surprise is the filter by how we do things at Heat. It informs the kind of insights we seek out and the type of people we hire. And most importantly, it sets the bar for the kind of ideas we make and the stories we tell.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 44

3-year Growth: 204%

Year Founded: 2004

Website: www.sfheat.com

Twitter: @sfheat

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Originally published Aug 28, 2013 1:00:16 AM, updated June 28 2019