How to Take Your Agency to the Next Level

Allie Freeland
Allie Freeland



success arrowsWith hundreds of marketing agencies vying for client contracts, an agency needs to be at the top of its game to differentiate and conquer. Here are four characteristics that helped my organization weather bumps, win campaigns and come out stronger than before. Take these tips and apply them to your agency:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Change:

In any business, agility is so important. This is especially true for marketing agencies. We have to be on the pulse of the most efficient way to help businesses reach their target audience and convert them into buyers. Don’t be afraid to follow where people are interacting and exchanging. Play psychologist and see what your clients and their end users are interested in and on which channels they convert. It’s OK to be evolutionary with your agency focus, too. The best agencies adapt and evolve to meet client needs.

2. Hire Smart:

As an agency, take time to hire right. Hire people with a range of specialties covering nearly every discipline in the digital marketing space. Choose team members who have an innate drive to achieve the highest standards of quality and innovation. Hire star players, role players and a strong leadership team that has a diverse skill set.

3. Put the "Full" in Full Service:

Have the ability to work with brands in a variety of ways. Put your clients first and drive innovation of your offerings by what the clients’ needs are. Focus on every digital touchpoint for your clients so their brands are saturated in mediums that matter and convert.

If you are thinking about embarking into a new area, take time to educate yourself by reading case studies, connecting with thought leaders and getting a pulse of the market. Then, align yourself to hire subject matter experts in the particular area you’re looking to enter.

4. Grow From Mistakes:

The lack of a dark moment is what can bring agencies down; horizontal movement creates stagnancy at times. It’s good to have highs and lows because it challenges your organization’s thinking and allows you to grow. Don’t be afraid of those rollercoaster moments; they allow you to grow and change your focus.

5. Become a Thought Leader:

Understand that the best marketing for an agency is through inbound channels. Become thought leaders in your sector by producing studies, publishing past client successes, interviewing fellow marketers in innovative strategies and making your company blog a hub of knowledge for your organization and others. This will augment your share of voice as an agency while also luring prospective clients at the top of the funnel.

As long as you put the client first, embrace change, hire smart and grow from mistakes, the wind will be at your back as a marketing agency.

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