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More than 13,000 people have joined us in Boston for the annual INBOUND conference to learn how to grow their businesses. Our agency Partners have already heard from their peers and industry experts on how to increase their client account size, how to get paid during the pre-sale process, and how to implement an operating system that produces a more productive and profitable agency.

But we know that education is just part of the equation for building a better agency. You need better tools and more accurate data to make the right decisions for your business and your clients.

Today, HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah announced a number of new features for the HubSpot Marketing and Sales platforms that will help you become a better inbound agency. (You can view a full list of the features here.) Here are a few highlights from today's announcement. 

A Website Platform for Marketers

Website redesigns are core to many agency playbooks. The content management system you choose for these redesigns can help turn redesign projects into retainer-based web design work. Today at the INBOUND conference, HubSpot introduced a collection of enhancements to its website platform that give agencies better tools for web work. 

New Editing Interface

The new inline editing experience truly offers a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG), where you can create and edit content directly on your clients' websites, landing pages, and blogs. This new editing interface makes it easier to create remarkable content. 

Staging Environment

Automatically included for any customer that has the HubSpot Website Platform is a brand new staging environment. The staging environment will automatically build a copy of all your live website and landing pages, allow you to make changes, and then publish all the new pages with one button. Go into the Content > Content Staging link to get started. 


For any website you are redesigning on HubSpot, the staging environment will make the process more efficient, and it ensures website launches go smoothly for you and your client. For more information about the staging environment, see this post on website redesign.

SEO Optimization

Marketers are consistently trying to maximize how their sites are seen in the eyes of search engines -- higher rankings equals more business. To help maximize SEO for your clients, we have expanded the SEO optimizers to all pages and blog posts created within HubSpot. When you create your website page or blog post, you will receive as-you-type suggestions on how to optimize that content and a customized list of items left "to do" and items already "done". 

In addition, we've spent a lot of time during the past year to find ways to make your website faster. Many websites today extensively use images to show, rather than tell, the visitor about their company or solution. But using all these images results in a heavy page that slows down the overall user experience and can even impact search rankings. We knew there was a better way, and with this latest release, we've added dynamic image compression and resizing so that your images are as small as possible and your website loads as fast as possible. 

Smart Content Insights 

Inbound marketing was founded on the premise that there is a more human way to do marketing. Smart content was created on that premise, making it easy for companies to tailor their marketing to specific people. Today, we've added smart content insights to the editor interface to offer suggestions on where and what type of personalization to use. Smart Content insights deliver information on the sources that have seen your page and recommendations on personalization that you can add at the click of a button.

HubSpot Smart Content Insights

Smart Content insights is available at the HubSpot Professional and Enterprise levels.

SSL for All Website Customers

Any HubSpot customer that uses the HubSpot Website Platform will now get SSL included for free. If you have seen websites with https:// compared to just http://, SSL places the additional s. While it may seem small, that additional "s" has a lot of benefits in the eyes of search engines and your visitors.

SSL fundamentally helps your clients get found in search, increases user trust to increase conversions, and makes your website more secure. Starting October 1, we'll begin offering SSL to customers. Sign up to submit your request.

The HubSpot Website Platform enables you change how you view a website -- from a one-time project to an ever-improving online experience. This retainer-based model of iterative web design is something we call growth-driven design. Growth-driven design prioritizes continual testing and smaller data-backed changes rather than a one-time website overhaul. Having tools like the built-in optimizers and smart content can help you to build a growth-driven design strategy. Read our guide on selling and marketing growth-driven design for more information on this approach.

The Ads Add-on

Also announced today is a new Ads add-on that will help agencies manage paid media budgets for their clients and get a better understanding of the return on investment of that spend. The Ads add-on enables you to see what content is already doing well on social media, create an ad or sponsored content post, and get a closed-loop view into the revenue generated from ad spend. The Ads add-on, which costs $100 per month, is launching with LinkedIn and is in active development with Google Adwords. 

HubSpot Ads Add-On

Lead Flows: A Free Tool for Getting Started With Inbound Marketing

We also introduced a new tool for companies that aren't ready to buy a robust marketing automation system but still want to capture and convert leads and get context around those contacts. The freemium app is called Lead Flows, and you can use it with any CMS -- from HubSpot to WordPress to Joomla to Drupal. Leadin offers a number of exciting features, including:

  • An optional pop-up form to help convert website visitors into leads.
  • Ability to automatically find publicly available information about each of your contacts.
  • Enriched profiles of your contacts so you can properly segment marketing outreach.
  • Integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many other email providers for nurturing leads.

Lead Flows can be set-up in five minutes and most early users start getting their first contacts within the first day. For agencies working with clients, Leadin is an option for onboarding a client and building out an inbound marketing strategy without added costs entailed. 

With these latest features and launches, you can commit to growing your agency and building beautiful client experiences within HubSpot's tools.

For more information about the other launches at INBOUND15, please read the overall INBOUND 2015 launch post on the marketing blog or visit

check out the new HubSpot products from INBOUND15

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