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Today, our industry requires more than just flawless execution, superb program management, and detailed training and runs‐of‐show. Our clients, as well as our colleagues, look to Inspira for the unique insight only experience and carefully refined data‐driven strategies can deliver. Brands need ideas and targeted interactions that "inspire consumer action" to drive trial, buzz, and purchase. Inspira fills that need through our special blend of insight, creativity and leading‐edge engagement technologies.

Bottom line: We are a consumer engagement agency that expertly activates brands at the exact moment of need, desire, and passion.

We don’t just act, we activate – delivering carefully researched, quality-crafted experiential campaigns that are custom fit to the essence of the brand promise and, most importantly its target audience, at just the right time and place.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 39

3-year Growth: 243%

Year Founded: 2008


Twitter: @Inspira_Mktg

Location: Norwalk, CT

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