From Jingle Bellies to Ballerina Touchdowns: 4 Ads to Watch This Week

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




Dave & Buster’s joined the Twitter Fail Hall of Fame. Forrester Research says brands should invest in creating their own communities, rather than trying to engage people on Facebook and Twitter. And Pizza Hut launches a new look, hoping to attract Millennials with Peruvian cherry peppers and honey Sriracha crust.

1) A Tiffany Holiday | Tiffany

Ogilvy & Mather imagines a New York City where diamonds give the holidays an extra bit of sparkle and that perfect blue box appears at the perfect moment.

2) Jingle Bellies | Joe Boxer for Kmart

Kmart gets away from Elvis gyrations in this year's ad for Joe Boxer. While the setup is familiar, this year's commercial shows that the addition of a few holiday pounds can be a musical bonus.

3) World’s Greatest Victory Dance | PlayStation

PlayStation recruits New York City Ballet dancers to perform a victory dances in its latest campaign. And while these dancers don’t have the grace of Merton Hanks in his “chicken dance” celebration routine, they do prove that even ballerinas can get “down” for the win.

4) Hemingway in 15 seconds | Ernest Hemingway Foundation

For book-lovers and Instagram fans, the Ernest Hemingway Foundation created stop-motion, 15-second versions of the author’s famous novels. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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