12 of Our Most Popular Articles of 2014

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I understand. Your time is limited. So when our emails announcing new content show up in your inbox, you sometimes just save them for later. You might even (gasp!) delete them.

If you choose to watch that video of puppies attempting to climb stairs (I can't blame you.) instead of reading the latest and greatest from Agency Post, you're in luck. We've put together a list of some of the most popular posts of 2014. 

How to Create a Compelling Creative Brief


What makes a “great” brief? Clarity. Brevity. The creative brief isn’t being published online to the masses for approval, nor does it need to be PC for your client’s board of directors. It does need to grab your creative team by the heart and get them so excited they become obsessed with solving your client’s problem and do so expeditiously.

The Frankenagency: Is Your Agency a Mad Client's Creation?


They're impulsive, changing their minds on a whim and wishing for the impossible. They're demanding, nagging your team with incessant questions and request. What's worse than the worst client you could imagine? The agency that contorts and transforms itself into everything the client wants and more. Check out this graphic showcasing the a monster spawned from insane client expectations.

An Open Letter to Millennials Seeking Creative Positions


Millennials get a bad rap in the workforce. This creative director gives advice on how to be successful in the advertising industry and how to collaborate with those who were born before the ‘80s.  

4 Ad Agencies Creating Case Studies That Seduce Prospects


Case studies are typically thought of as boring PDFs you send over to a prospect -- if she absolutely insists on reading them. These examples are anything but snooze-worthy.

How Agencies Are Investing in Innovation [Agency Collective]


Innovation is the word on the tip of every client’s tongue. They want innovative solutions, innovation creative, innovative brochures -- you get the point. Agencies are helping to define the next generation of innovative companies. How are they working to make this a key part of their own businesses?

From Polish to Peanut Butter: 16 Products Launched by Ad Agencies


Agencies are no longer relying on clients to spur creative output. They are launching labs, accelerators, and products to prove their innovative chops and create new streams of revenue.

The Perfect Modern Creative Isn’t a 'Cool Girl' -- She’s an Actual Person


This response to a column written about women in advertising, the author quotes Margaret Lyons: “The opposite of being degraded isn't being revered -- it's being seen as a fully complex human being.” She discusses this “perfect modern female creative” and who she actually is and isn’t. 

15 Types of Clients and How to Handle Them Properly [Infographic]


This fun graphic outlines those clients you just can't seem avoid, including Mrs. We Don't Have a Deadline, Oh, Wait -- Yes We Do and It's Tomorrow and Mr. I'm Not Really Sure What I Want. 

The Path to New Business? 20 Agencies That Have Published a Book


Many ad agency leaders have found success through solidifying their firm's manifesto, outlook on the industry, and business advice in the form of an old-fashioned hardback book. Check out your competition.

9 Ad Agencies You Need to Follow on Twitter


These creative agencies know how to make every character count on social media.

9 Qualities Every Business Development Professional Should Have


The average tenure of a new business professional is less than two years in 80% of agencies, so finding the right person is no easy task. Discover what nine leaders look for in a new biz professional. 

The Complete List of Cultural Trends to Watch for in 2015


Fog computing. Submarine parenting. Neural dust. Health goth. These are all included in this SlideShare that outlines 98 trends you need to know for next year.

What were your favorite articles this year? What subjects would you like to learn more about in 2015.

Let us know in the comments!



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