Nukes and Sharp Objects

Jim Wiggins
Jim Wiggins



advertising-devastationLike nuclear weapons and sharp objects, marketing and advertising is only evil in the wrong hands. And, oh yes, we see the terror, devastation and the aftermath every single day. We see and hear the “Got Milk” rip-off campaign in virtually every imaginable category. “Got Bugs” for the deadly exterminator to “Got Attorney” for the so called up-and-coming divorce lawyer.

I should say that I’m amazed or that I’m surprised, but somehow I’m not. Having survived in this hero to zero industry for more than 30 years, I have been drawn to a disturbing conclusion; clever has become overshadowed by quick and easy. You can blame it on the limited number of characters offered to communicate your message across the multitude of social media platforms or that the industry is evolving so quickly that there is not enough time to create a memorable creative campaign. I hear it time and time again, “Clients want fast, effective and cheap.” Many clients do. At times it can be difficult to overcome, but it can be achieved. To be memorable, it takes a great deal of time, ruthless uncompromising effort and a genuine true love for the work that you send out your door. The payoff, however, will speak volumes to anyone who appreciates innovation, ingenuity and personal accomplishment.

Our agency is located in a much smaller market than most. We are challenged daily with small budgets that require big ideas to succeed. Quick and easy is for the kids at the fast food joint, not our agency’s creative team. So when you are brainstorming about the client’s next headline, copy or tweet, be just a little better because just like nukes and sharp objects, creative campaigns should remain in the hands of a trusted guardian in our profession.

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