How to Sell Your Clients on "The Crazy Idea"

Pat Kopischkie
Pat Kopischkie



crayz-ideaWe’ve all been there.

That moment during a brainstorm when the best idea you’ve ever had comes to mind. It's the aha moment — a strategy or tactic that is so sound it will not only generate results, but will get people everywhere talking. You’re sold. The only problem: the idea is a littleout there. How do you get the client on board?

Whether it’s too expensive, too time-consuming, too different, the objections to The Crazy Idea are endless. But there are ways to sell it! Clients want to be challenged. It’s why they hire an agency. It’s up to us to show them that maybe The Crazy Idea is actually more feasible than they thought.

1. Make the case for crazy.

Too many wild, but good, ideas die on the vine because they are presented the wrong way. If it’s really out there, take a moment to explain why a more aggressive approach makes sense strategically based on timing, the target, and objectives. Does the idea piggy back on current news? Is this a groundbreaking way to reach your audience? Lay out the approach and support it with numbers and logic.

2. Make crazy connect.

To ensure that The Crazy Idea is not met with a crazy look from the client, it has to connect quickly to the brand and to the product or service you’re trying to sell. Otherwise, you’ll lose them. If he can’t make the connection, how can he expect consumers to? Just because gamification is all the rage these days doesn’t mean it’s right for the brand.

3. Make crazy scalable.

No idea should be presented as an all or nothing concept. First, present the story you’re trying to tell. Then, offer a range of ways to execute The Crazy Idea. Start with the biggest and work your way down to the smaller, more bite-sized tactics.

4. Make crazy count.

If you present The Crazy Idea every time, it starts to lose its shiny appeal — and begins to brand you as “the one who only brings wild ideas to the table”. If The Crazy Idea feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’ll be harder to say no.

Crazy can work! It’s all about the presentation. Now, back to the brainstorm.

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