4 Tips for Getting Your Team to Track Their Time [SlideShare]

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




Many agencies still make money by selling their time.

And even if most of your work is retainer-based, you've most likely calculated the time required to complete X amount of projects each month. 

So if you're not tracking your time, you're giving some of your work away for free -- not a best practice for growing a business. 

But getting your team to actually track their time, even if you have the right tools in place, isn't always easy. If employees don't understand how a better understanding of time spent and time management benefits your agency, then they will consider this task an afterthought to the unending number or "priorities" they have to complete each day. 

Workfront put together the below SlideShare with a few tips for managers on how to communicate the value of time tracking and how to get employees to buy into the practice. Learn how to better manage and implement time tracking in your agency. 


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