Gone But Not Forgotten: 13 Things We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Carly Williams
Carly Williams




It's no secret that competitive eater Kevin "L.A. Beast" Stahle is passionate about food -- his award-winning eating accomplishments are all over the Internet. (Fun fact: He once ate 31 meatballs in just 10 minutes.) 

But if there's one thing that Stahle loves more than food, it's Crystal Pepsi. In fact, he's so enthusiastic about the short-lived clear soda of the '90s that he's taken to social media to create demand for a comeback. 

Between a trending hashtag on Twitter, a handful of YouTube videos, and an online petition signed by more than 35,000 supporters, Stahle has made it crystal clear that he means business. And as a result of his tireless efforts, Pepsi has finally broke their silence. 

On June 8th, the company responded to his cry for a comeback with this letter:


Source: Kevin Stahle

I don't know about you, but that sounds like the promise of a comeback to me. And after sharing this story with a few of my colleagues, it wasn't long before we started fantasizing about other products we'd love to see resurface. Here's what we came up with. 

13 Things That Aren't Around Anymore (That We Wish Were)

1) 3D Doritos


Source: Complex

I had almost come to terms with the loss of this beloved snack ... and then they came out with 3D printers. I mean, come on. If technology has advanced enough for us to develop a 3D printer, there's no reason why these can't make a comeback. 

2) Pogs


Source: thingsofmyinterest.com

For anyone growing up in the early '90s, pogs wasn't just a game, it was a way of life.

Okay, so that might be a mildly dramatic statement, but we're certain that today's youth could learn a thing or two from the sweet simplicity of the game. 

3) Apple's 1986 Clothing Line



Source: The Trad

No Steve Jobs-inspired turtlenecks to see here ...

While Apple's late '80s clothing line failed to gain traction back then, we'd imagine these retro threads would be well-received today by the hipster community. After all, vintage is the new black.

4) Volkswagen Bus


Source: Wikimedia

I'm sorry, but we'll never forgive Volkswagen for pulling the plug on this one. Never.

5) Spray Tan Vending Machines


Source: Business Insider via AP Photo / Edward Kitch

You're telling me that I could get a healthy bronzed glow on the go for just 10 cents? The people of the 1940s really knew what they were doing. 

6) Snapple Elements


Source: Reddit

If you never had an opportunity to taste the Rain flavor, you really haven't lived. If you know what I'm talking about, click here to join the petition to bring it back. 

7) Highway Hi-Fi


Source: Consumer Reports via Chryster Group

Sure, we haveSpotify (among other music streaming services), but I think we can all agree that nothing quite compares to the sound of vinyl.

8) The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series


Source: The Wire via Guy Schmidt / Flickr

I vividly remember checking these out of the public library and reading them under a blanket with my flashlight ... and then having nightmares for weeks. While you can still score a copy of any of the three originals online, it goes without say that we want more. 

9) Fred Flintstone's Push-Up Pops


Source: Traci*s Retro / Flickr

Most places still have regular push-up pops in stock, but unless it's Yabba Dabba Doo Orange, I want nothing to do with it.


10) Nickelodeon Game Shows


Source: Wordpress

Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it Out, Wild and Crazy Kids, Guts ...

Do kids these days even know what slime is? 

11) Bubble Beeper Gum


Source: Ranker

Move over, Trident Layers ... nothing will ever compare to these 17 delicious sticks of powdery bubble gum jammed into a fake beeper. Nothing.

12) Jock Jams Compilation Albums


Source: Wikipedia

Volumes 1 to 5 were great. The All-Star album was better. But we can only live off these musical memories for so long before we start to crave something more. 

13) The Isolator


Source: Laughing Squid

And to think, I thought putting my headphones on was a good way to signal to my colleagues that I was "in the zone." This old contraption takes HubSpot's GSD (Get Sh*t Done) motto to a whole new level. We're weirdly intrigued ...


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