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After many years working alongside each other, Scott Fletcher and Scott Rodgers took a chance starting their own advertising agency in 2008. Despite starting Tier10 in a struggling economy, the company has quickly become one of the leading automotive advertising agencies in the country.

With Rodgers as chief creative officer and Fletcher as the head of accounts services, the duo collaborated on campaigns for every client — meticulously planning everything from print ads to television spots to websites to social media campaigns. Their instant success with their first few clients, including an award-winning “Cash For Clunkers” strategy, helped Tier10 evolve from just two employees to more than 60 employees on the cusp of its fifth anniversary. The agency has also expanded, opening a Miami office in 2009 and a New York office in 2012.

After just the first quarter, 2013 is already turning out to be a big year for Tier10. In January, the agency tapped former head of marketing and advertising for Chrysler, Justin Byrd, as president. In March, Fletcher and Rodgers were recognized by a prominent Washington, D.C. publication on a list of the area’s most influential 40-and-under leaders.

Today, Tier10 continues churning out award-winning campaigns and strategies for some of the largest dealer groups and automotive associations in the nation. Additionally, Tier10 has helped many of its clients align their efforts to contribute to charitable organizations, including the Mariano Rivera Foundation and Boston Children’s Hospital. Tier10 has helped facilitate over $1 million in donations to non-profit organizations in all.

While Tier10 specializes in the automotive vertical, it also develops industry-leading strategies for select global brands, musicians, athletes and feature films.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 26

3-year Growth: 430%

Year Founded: 2008

Website: www.tier10.com

Twitter: @Tier10Lab

Location: Herndon, VA

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