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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




It can be easy to think your new business program works. You have new clients coming in the door. The account sizes seem OK. And you haven't flagged any retention issues. 

But is this approach the best approach?

I think you know the answer. 

Without the right tools, it can be difficult to track the right new business metrics. 

Do you know how many prospects you need in your funnel to be able to meet your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals? Do you know what stage in your new business process most prospective clients are not getting past? Do you understand how long it typically takes for a prospect to become a paying client?

These are things you need to understand. And an Excel spreadsheet is not the most efficient way to do it. 

With the right CRM and a plan for managing and optimizing your use of the tool, you can increase conversion rates, reduce marketing spend waste, increase the productivity of your new business team, and identify the best -- and most profitable -- clients. With this data, you can make informed and insightful decisions about how to land more profitable accounts. 

If you want to create a sustainable, predictable new business program, download our new ebook -- How to Jumpstart Your New Biz Program With a CRM

You'll learn how agencies benefit from using a CRM, what questions you need to ask yourself before you invest in a platform, and the features to look for in a solution. 

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