How Effective Are Dedicated Landing Pages? [New Data]

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



We talk a lot about how personalized and customized landing pages are essential if you want to get the best conversion rates. Our more than 650 targeted landing pages get an average visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 35.62%. That’s three to four times higher than most industry averages, so for us, it works.

But what about everyone else?

MarketingSherpa has just released its 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, and based on data from 2,673 marketers, it’s filled with stats showing how marketers use, integrate, and test landing page optimization. So what is the consensus on the effectiveness of dedicated landing pages ?

Landing Page Optimization effectiveness

With “very effective” at 43% percent and “somewhat” at 49%, this breakdown shows that, across the board, dedicated landing pages are clearly effective. This, however, only tells part of the story. Marketers spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best ways to drive traffic to landing pages . Should they pay for listings or purchase email lists to drive traffic, or is it better to rely on organic methods for driving traffic? 

Landing Page Optimization - Most effective source traffic

What this chart tells me is, the more controlled the connection between the source (from where the visitor clicked) and the landing page, the better the results.

The analysts at MarketingSherpa write: “The uniformity of dedicated landing page effectiveness across different website objective segments, as well as in B2B and B2C segments, suggests that the primary drivers of perceived dedicated landing page effectiveness are related to the quality of the traffic itself. More content-rich traffic sources likely deliver higher-quality visitors, making the corresponding DLPs appear more effective. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the email channels, which, while effective at delivering high-quality visitors, are more likely judged on a per-email-sent basis, reducing the perceived conversion rate.”

We know that conversions have a lot to do with relevance and expectations. When someone arrives on your landing page, does the offer match the expectations of that visitor? The hope for all landing pages is to motivate the visitor to take the desired action. To help you figure out what methodologies marketers use to determine visitor motivation, download “ Key Components for a Successful Landing Page Optimization Strategy, ” a chapter from the MarketingSherpa report.

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