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Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



HubSpot's latest research, " Lead Generation Lessons From 4,000 Businesses ," reveals that the more landing pages a business has on its website, the more leads it generates. Specifically, our research found that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated 7 times more leads than businesses with only 1 to 5 landing pages. And the numbers get even more impressive: businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.  

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So how do you go about creating an arsenal of landing pages? By creating an arsenal of offers! First, think about all the different types of offers you can create:

  1.  landing pages and leads  Ebooks/whitepapers
  2. Industry research reports
  3. Live/archived webinars
  4. Recorded videos
  5. Downloadable kits
  6. Free trials
  7. Product Demos
  8. Personal Consultations

Offers Relative to the Sales Cycle

The beauty of providing a variety of different offers on your website is that you'll tremendously increase your chances of generating leads, and here's why...

First of all, not everyone who visits your website is at the same point in your sales funnel. A first time site visitor, for example, might not be ready to jump into a full blown product trial or demo but might be quite content to download an instructional ebook. Similarly, a frequent visitor might be further along in the sales cycle and be totally ready for that personal consultation you're offering but not very interested in downloading yet another ebook or webinar. Consider this when creating offers and offer a good balance of both top-of-the-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel offers. Similarly, consider also offering a healthy balance of content offers (like ebooks, webinars, kits) compared to offers that involve human interaction such as demos or consultations.

Offers Relative to Customer Personas

Sure, you could create a separate landing page with a form for each of these types of offers to increase your chances of converting site visitors into leads, but that's only the beginning. What about getting even more targeted?

Face it: your target customer isn't exactly very one-size-fits-all. While you may have a pretty good sense of the types of customers your products and services attract, chances are there is still some variation among them. This is where marketing personas are helpful. To use HubSpot as an example, we have identified two main types of customers (marketing personas) that are a good fit for our marketing software : Owner Ollie (small business owners) and Marketing Mary (marketing managers in companies with dedicated marketing departments). Understandably, a Marketing Mary might not be particularly interested in the same topics an Owner Ollie is interested in, and vice versa.

Now, think about all the different types of offers we just talked about. Can you create an ebook that targets one of your specific marketing personas? Or maybe an opportunity for a different marketing persona to request a specific type of demo relative to their interests? What about one of each? Or one of each for each type of offer? Holy cow -- the possibilities are endless!

The Benefit of Personalized Offers

The good news is that, by offering a variety of different types of offers that appeal to different points in the sales process or different customer personas, you'll maximize your lead generation efforts with the ability to capture even more site visitors as leads. And as an added bonus, with all the dedicated landing pages you'll be creating to house your multitude of offers, you'll also be giving Google and other search engines more website pages to index, giving your website a boost of SEO juice.

The personalization of marketing is a hot topic lately, and more and more marketers are beginning to understand the value of more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns . So, are you getting personal enough in your business' marketing?

How else can you vary your offers? Have you noticed a causal relationship between the variety and wealth of offers you create and the number of leads you generate?

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