30 Key Terms in Landing Page Creation & Optimization [Glossary]

Magdalena Georgieva
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30 Landing Page Terms  Landing pages play a critical role in lead generation. After all, they allow your website visitors to convert into leads and express interest in your company’s content.

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So what makes a landing page successful? “The number one rule,” said Dr. Flint McGlaughlin at the MarketingSherpa’s Optimization Summit , “is clarity trumps persuasion.” As proud sponsors of this conference, HubSpot will keep sharing the lessons we learn with our audience. But before you jump in to landing page optimization , let’s get familiar with some of the key terms used in the process:

1. A/B testing - Testing two different versions of the same landing page to evaluate which one performs better.

2. Authority endorsement – Visual proof that an authority is recognizing the value of your offer. This is a way to establish credibility.

3. Anxiety elements – The page elements creating anxiety for your visitors and reducing their inclination to take action. (For instance, the absence or "Privacy Policy" link next to email field.)

4. Benefit Reinforcement – Similar to value proposition, it is a reinforcement of why the visitor wants to fill out the form.

5. Bounce Rate or Exit Rate – The rate at which a visitor clicks away from your page without converting.

6. Call to action (CTA) – A phrase or button that prompts the visitor to take action, such as “Subscribe Now” or “Download the Whitepaper Today.”

7. Control Page – The initial page you want to improve.

8. Conversion Rate – The rate at which a visitor converts into a lead.

9. Cumulative Optimization Gain – Optimizing a page with a series of tests and gaining higher conversion at the end.

10. Friction – The page elements preventing the visitor from converting into a lead. (For instance, too many calls to action which distract the visitor's attention.)

11. Funnel – The process logic as a visitor gets to your page and completes the "transaction." (Think of a visitor as someone at the top of the funnel. How do you push them to the bottom of the funnel?)

12. Guarantee Images – Images that instill trust and show credibility.

13. KPI – Key Performance Indicators, or the metrics you will look at to track progress toward your goals.

14. Layout – How the landing page is designed.

15. Lead Nurturing Campaign – An email series that can be triggered after someone fills out a form on your landing page.

16. Mockups – An outline defining what your landing page design should be.

17. Motivation of User – The visitor's desire to receive your offer.

18. Navigation – A web page element, usually located at the top, with links that help visitors to navigate through a website. 

19. Page Views – The number of views a page got.

20. Returning Visitor – A visitor that is returning to your site, and is generally self-qualifying herself as actively interested in your offer.

21. ROI – The return on investment of your marketing efforts.

22. Security or accreditation seals – Visual elements proving your offer is secure and risk-free.

23. Statistically significant number – The amount of data you need to collect in order to announce accurate results from your testing.

24. Test validation – Proving with data that a test has been successfully conducted.

25. Time on page – How long a visitor spends on your landing page.

26. Treatment Page – The page you have treated and expect to perform better.

27. Value Exchange – Giving out a valuable offer in order to get information from your visitors.

28. Value proposition – The primary reason why your visitor will choose to convert on your page. (The answer to the “What is there for me?” question.)

29. Variations – The changes you make in order to optimize a landing page.

30. Visitors/uniques – The number of (unique) visitors who came to your page.

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