3 Step Recipe for Attracting 400 Blog Comments [Case Study]

Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



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The best way to learn is by example, so here is one! HubSpot superstar customer Marcus Sheridan, who owns a swimming pool company, is also the author of The Sales Lion , a leading marketing blog. His blog enjoys a lot of interaction and recently one of his posts attracted nearly 400 comments . What is the key to his success? 

Stir a Controversy 

Marcus’ heatedly discussed blog post analyzed the recent Blog World New York event, pointing out some major flaws with it. As he put it in his post, “I simply cannot hold my tongue on an event that, in many ways, is perfectly symbolic of why the concept of blogging still gets so little respect throughout the world today.” 

This sentence conveys the tone of his entire piece. It’s challenging the status quo and asking uncomfortable questions. That often leads to controversies and invites people to share their thoughts on sensitive issues. Marketers should consider adding a small dose of controversy to their blogs once in a while. You don’t have to make sweeping statements or be dishonest. Just don’t be afraid to express your thoughts even if you know others might not necessarily agree with them. 

Make It Newsworthy 

Marcus published his blog post right after the Blog World New York event had taken place. What does this mean? It’s piggybacking on a newsworthy story that the mainstream media and readers are still actively interested in. Consider the real-time aspect of writing blog posts and brainstorm ways in which you can also take advantage of events and time-sensitive issues. 

Respond to Comments 

Marcus responds to every single comment he receives. It’s his way of nurturing the blog community and keeping it tight. While this gesture can become really time-consuming, it earns a great deal of recognition from readers and keeps them coming back.

Be respectful to your community and try to address the questions they pose. Acknowledge their comments with thoughtful remarks. What is more, learn from them. Show them you care and continue the healthy discussion. 

Would you add any other ingredient to this success recipe?

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