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Rapid Business Growth How can you use content marketing to grow your business? Social Media Examiner founder Mike Stelzner joins HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe in a discussion on building a loyal following leading to business growth.

In the webininar How to Rapidly Grow Your Business With Content Marketing , Stelzner, author of the new book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition , shared the techniques he used to grow his business over an 18-month period (top small business blog with 82,000 email subscribers, 44,000 Facebook fans and 60 writers).

"Nothing remains still in the world of business."

People are the only constants.

Constant People


The Strategy

  1. Attract masses to your business
  2. Build a loyal following
  3. Connect with top experts

Focus on People

Keep a focus on people and their core desires by solving their problems for free. Free help creates a better lure than competitors. You can offer free content like how-to guides, voluntary assistance and general information in forms of eBooks, white papers, podcasts, webinars, etc. True "gifts" make you valuable to people.

Think of Content as Fuel

  • Primary fuel- regularly produced content (how-to's, reviews)
  • Nuclear fuel- harder to produce (reports, contests)

Use content to focus on other people.

How can we sell you? How can we help you?

Choose topics your audience wants by conducting surveys. Then, write those comprehensive blog posts and how-to guides from which everyone can benefit. Use images and videos, and don't forget to hide your marketing message.

The Elevation Principle

When creating relationships, keep in mind that content > ad space.

Great content + other people - marketing messages = growth

Provide Expert Knowledge

People seek expertise on industry topics. Offer professional advice using video, audio and/or transcribed interviews. Write or acquire reviews with an honest assessment of something. Create case studies and make them public. This all satisfies real people wanting to see real results.

View the webinar for a few more tips, plus the answers to questions like , What if industry experts are the competition? and What metrics should be tracked on the content I create?

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