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The problem with using outbound marketing as a primary strategy today is that it is becoming less and less effective while remaining ever so expensive.

Luckily for us, inbound marketing was born and has become the next best thing since sliced bread (If you’re a marketer or sales professional, I hope you’d agree!).

Now we have content marketing, blogging, SEO, social media, and other ways to attract visitors and leads to our business instead of pushing out unwanted messages to our audience.

But there’s a lot to inbound marketing that needs to be understood. After all, it’s constantly changing, and there’s a lot to learn!

In addition to the great content we provide here on the HubSpot blog, we thought we would share with you some of our other favorite blogs on everything inbound marketing. So here is a list of 20 awesome inbound marketing blogs you should start reading today. And if you have any favorites that aren't already on this list, please add them in the comments section. Happy reading!

1. AdhereCreative Inbound Marketing & Brand Development Blog

Adhere Creative's marketing blog offers many great tips on how to get the marketing results you’re looking for by using content, blogging, branding, SEO, and more.
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2. At the Goal Line by In2Communications

At the Goal Line offers thoughts and opinions on sales, marketing, social media, digital content, technology, and social business.
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3. Bluleadz Inbound Marketing Blog

BlueLeadz focuses on everything marketing and more, including SEO, networking, lead generation, and web design.
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4. Brand & Capture by KunoCreative

This blog includes topics on content marketing, social media, lead analysis, marketing analytics, branding, mobile marketing, website design -- you name it!
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5. inBlurbs Inbound Marketing Blog

This inbound marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing including SEO, blogging, social media, landing pages, lead generation, and analytics.

6. Internet Marketing and SEO Tips by Pagetender

The name of this blog speaks for itself. Go here to learn about the world of internet marketing.
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7. LyntonWeb Blog: Perspectives on the Social Web

Lynton’s blog offers some juicy content on blogging, CRM, design, email, Facebook, geolocation -- and the list goes on and on!
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8. The Market8 Blog

If you’re a small business marketer, this blog is for you. It provides tons of thought leadership on marketing strategy, SEO, web design, social media, interactive media, inbound marketing, and creative design.
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9. MarketingSherpa Blog

If you’re not already familiar with MarketingSherpa, you should be (like right now). They are among the best at testing, research, and knowing what works in marketing.
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10. Momentum Search Marketing Blog

Coming to you from the UK is a great inbound marketing resource. It includes a very long laundry list of topics -- practically everything you can think of!
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11. Optimize This by Find & Convert

Author, speaker, podcaster, and CEO of Find and Convert, Bernie Borges blogs about the intersection of search and social media, providing sound advice for success.
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12. Pollock Inbound Marketing Blog

Pollock offers this great blog for all your online lead generation and inbound marketing needs. Don't miss a single post!
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13. PR20/20 Blog

PR 20/20's agency blog features inbound marketing and public relations trends, news, and resources.
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14. Spark Inbound Marketing Blog

This blog has a lot of great content on -- you guessed it -- inbound marketing!
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15. The Best B2B Marketing Blog by Precision Marketing Group

The authors at Precision Marketing Group really know their stuff. This blog contains frequently updated content to hone your marketing skills and knowledge.
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16. The Inbound Marketing Company

You can’t call yourself The Inbound Marketing Company without having an awesome blog. Luckily, this company does. This blog, too, covers way too many inbound marketing topics to list.
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17. The Inbound Marketing Spot by Trust eMedia

This is a great source for social media, sales, search marketing, and more.

18. WebMarCom Blog

WebMarCom gives us news and updates about inbound marketing, lead generation, and the effective use of internet marketing.
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19. B2BBloggers

Jeremy Victor maintains an excellent blog here covering a variety of topics in B2B marketing and sales, including how to create a great presence as a business and encourage engagement.
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20. IMPACT Learning Center

The IMPACT Learning Center shares high-level inbound marketing expertise and tools you need to grow your sales and your business.

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Which of these blogs are your favorites? What other blogs would you add to the list?

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Originally published Aug 18, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated September 13 2016


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