I came across an interesting article on Entrepreneur magazine's website titled " 10 Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years ". The article talks about various industries that are going through a major transformation and are at risk of being obsolete in 10 years.

A few types of businesses facing extinction: record stores, camera film manufacturers, coin-operated arcades…and telemarketing.

Here's what the article had to say about the telemarketing business:

"The good news for people who hate telemarketing calls is that the industry may finally be dying; the bad news is that it may take a while."

I think they were right to identify telemarketing as a business that is facing extinction but are being overly optimistic as to how long the industry will continue to be even moderately relevant.

Ask youself this question: How many people do you think are still answering their phones and responding positively to telemarketing offers? I personally think the number is small. Vanishingly small. Why? Because people are using email, instant messaging and other online channels for communicating more and more. And, the phone people *do* answer is not their regular phone number -- but their mobile number. I *never* answer my home phone number. If you're important enough to me, you have my mobile number. And mobile numbers (thankfully) are exempt from automated telemarketing calls.

Telemarketing is about having a bunch of people that don't understand your business calling people that don't care offering them products and services that are mostly irrelevant and unlikely to resonate.

It is time to move on and reduce our spending on interruption marketing.


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Originally published Oct 1, 2007 11:09:00 AM, updated October 20 2016


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