As a follow up to the July blog post featuring 11 Mind-Blowing Mobile Marketing Infographics, we've kept our ear to the ground in order to bring more of the best to you.

How Are Smartphones Being Used?

This Tatango infographic was created by using a range of data culled via the Pew Research Centers, Internet and American Life Project.

Smartphone Usage Infographic


Inside the World of Android Usage

How is the Android taking over the world?  Look at this data aggregated from Nielsen, AdMob, PCWorld, and Android Market created by Mobile17.

Android Use

Generational Cell Phone Ownership

Who do you think owns the ubiquitous cell phones or smartphones?  Pew Research Center has the answers for you.

who owns cellphones?

Who Really Opts-In to Text-Messaging Campaigns?

Turns out that it is men, according to this Tatango data.

SMS Marketing Messages



The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

PDT, a product development technologies company created this awesome infographic which details the evolution of the mobile phone during the past four decades.

Mobile Phone Evolution Infographic resized 600

U.S. Text Message Spam

Spam is not just associated with email...if you have a cellphone, you've probably been victim to SMS spam.  This infographic from the folks @Tatango show you the facts.Text Message Spam Infographic resized 600

Should You Consider A Mobile App or A Mobile Website?

This infographic from Alterian show you how to navigate some of the hurdles.  That being said, Econsultancy noted that, "this infographic ignores some of the potential drawbacks of mobile web, such as variable mobile internet connections and page load times." and offered up an alternate version of this infographic, courtesy of @timmcdunn.

Mobile App or Mobile Website
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