We have said it before, but it must be said again: QR codes are here to stay. While most businesses commonly see them as a B2C tool, they can it fact be very useful for B2B interactions, too. If you are looking to connect offline and online marketing efforts, reach other businesses, and generate leads, here are a few tips and tricks for using QR codes that can be very useful.

1) At Conferences & Events

QR codes can be a great tool for marketers to use at conferences, events, and trade shows. At Dreamforce, for example, HubSpot put QR codes on everything: handouts, unicorns, presentations, and our stand-in. It gave our visitors an easy way to gather information from us quickly without having to jot anything down. During the HubSpot sessions, attendees could quickly get a copy of our presentation to take notes or follow along. The key was to put the QR code in as many places as possible to make sure anyone could access information quickly and easily.

The next time you're participating in an event, consider places you could add a QR code to content you produce. Configure the QR code to send people who scan it to a targeted landing page on your website, especially one with a form to help you generate leads for your business.

2) On Business Cards

It's a pain to transfer a person's information from their business card into your contact database. You need to input their name, title, email address, and phone number. But some people are making this easier now by putting QR codes on their business cards to shorten the process. By scanning the QR code, all of the information from the card can immediately be pulled into your contact list, making a normally tedious process much shorter and more efficient. This can be a much easier way to capture leads you generate from in-person communication and networking. In B2B, anything that can be made easier or more efficient is helpful.

3) In Print Advertising

When people see advertisements in newspapers, magazines, or signage, they often ignore them. But with a QR code, many people become interested in what other information it leads to. A QR code can help your print advertising stand out and actually help a business connect with other businesses. Moreover, QR codes can help businesses gauge the success of the ad by knowing how many people scanned the code and visited the landing page (and even converted!) on their website. With the millions of ads that people see every day, a QR code can help it stand out and make an impression.

Marketing Takeaways

Making information easily accessible to your target audience makes all of the difference. Using QR codes will allow you to provide more information than you normally would have been able to in a simple, condensed fashion.

As a best practice for B2B QR code use, always be sure to link the QR code to a targeted landing page on your website that includes a lead generation form. QR codes are not only useful for directing traffic to your website. They can also be useful for generating leads, so test different offers and optimize the performance of your QR code usage!

What other ways are you using QR codes?

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Originally published Oct 3, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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