Engaged Social Media Users Spend Up to 40 Percent More [Data]

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Social media has grown rapidly, and marketers have been working hard to step into the social media world to drive increased revenue for their companies. In fact, new research from Bain and Company shows that early adopters of social media marketing are seeing some interesting results.

Bain's "Putting Social Media to Work Study" finds that engaged social consumers spend between 20 and 40 percent more money on companies they follow online. Bain surveyed more than 3,000 consumers and found nearly two-thirds of Facebook users participating in the survey said they posted something about companies and/or products within the last month.

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Bain has also identified 10 social consumer personalities, the types of information they consume, and how they process it.
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Marketing Takeaway

Spend a few minutes checking out all of the data in Bain's study. Use this and other information to understand how to use social media to better communicate with leads and customers. Think about how your target audiences engage with your content. Test new tactics for improving content engagement and sharing in social media.

What do you think about this new data? Does it convince you to change how you think about social media engagement?


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