25 Things You Could Buy With a Super Bowl Ad Budget

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A 30-second commercial advertisement for Super Bowl XLVI is going for $3.5 million. Can you imagine what you as a marketer could do for your company if you had that kind of budget? If you can't even fathom what you'd do with a marketing budget that big (and just think, this is just one of many campaigns they're running this year!), we've come up with some ideas for how you can better spend that chunk of change. And if you're thinking you'd spend it on a commercial during the Super Bowl, well, maybe these ideas will give you some perspective on just how far $3.5 million can go in the marketing world.

25 Ways to Spend the $3.5 Million Budget of a Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

1.) Buy 1,458 years of HubSpot Basic Inbound Marketing Software. Tweet This!

2.) Direct mail the entire country of Sweden. Tweet This!

3.) Hire someone to blog for you for the next 70 years. Tweet This!

4.) Put up a billboard along the highway from Boston to D.C. every one mile. Tweet This!

5.) Purchase 2,333 years of Salesforce Enterprise CRM. Tweet This!

6.) Buy inbound links from enough web pages to fill the Oxford English Dictionary 16 times. Tweet This!

7.) Use PPC to buy a search presence for 2,333,333 keywords after Google dings you for purchasing links. Tweet This!

8.) Give 2,060 employees their own personal version of the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Tweet This!

9.) Send those 2,060 employees to classes so they know how to use the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Tweet This!

10.) Buy the email list of the entire population of Chile and SPAM them; try to do it before your IP is blacklisted. Tweet This!

11.) Repair your company's spamtastic image by plastering your company logo and tagline across 35,000 park benches. Tweet This!

12.) Hire Al Gore to be your company's celebrity spokesperson for a full 24-hour day. Tweet This!

13.) Let everyone know Al Gore is your spokesperson by, ironically, printing enough flyers to stick to every single household door in the United Kingdom. Take that, environment. Tweet This!

14.) Buy the stamps to send out your 2012 holiday cards. Let's hope you have 7,777,777 customers. Tweet This!

15.) Purchase about 35,000 shares of Facebook after it IPOs. Tweet This!

16.) Keep a web designer on call 24 hours a day for 4 years to change your website whenever you want. Tweet This!

17.) Commission enough content from the Zerys Content Marketplace to post a new blog to your website every hour of every day for the next 26 years. Tweet This!

18.) Hire the entire graduating class of Emerson College's Masters of Marketing program to work in your department. Tweet This!

19.) Or, if you're happy with your current team, you could send 23 of them to get their MBAs. Tweet This!

20.) You should probably also buy them all brand new MacBook Airs for their studies; you'll have enough money left over to hoard 3,477 for yourself. What? Marketers love Apple products! Tweet This!

21.) Hire Lady Gaga to follow your CMO around all day, singing "Happy Birthday" on repeat, every year for the next 145 years. Tweet This!

22.) Develop 542 mobile apps. Because the other 541 just weren't good enough. Tweet This!

23.) Purchase enough color toner to print brochures that can span the Atlantic Ocean from Dublin to Boston. And then back again. Tweet This!

24.) Pay to rank for the rarely searched keyword phrase, "best company in the world" for 11,666 years. Tweet This!

25.) Air 17 regular commercials on network television any other time of the year. Tweet This!

Now just think of what you could do with the additional $1-2 million you'd spend actually producing the commercial...

If you had $3.5+ million to spend on marketing, how would you use the money?

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