Are Your Conversion Rates Competitive? Find Out. Take the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Survey.

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



Marketing Survey If you're a savvy marketer, you have a range of online tools and techniques you use to reach new customers efficiently.

But how does your system stack up with the competition?

How does your marketing mix or conversion rate compare with your industry's average?

To provide some benchmarks and help you answer those questions, today we're launching the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Survey .

If you'd like to know how your conversion rates, your marketing mix or your inbound marketing strategies compare with other companies in your industry, take five minutes to complete this easy survey .

We'll collect responses, then send you the results so you can see how your company stacks up.

In case that's not incentive enough, we're giving away six great prizes to people who complete the survey -- two tickets to the Inbound Marketing Summit in Cambridge, MA, on Sept 8, and four $500 cash prizes. 

The ticket winners will be announced a week from today. Winners of the cash prizes will be announced when the survey closes on Sept 22. Folks who complete the survey within the next week will be eligible for both prizes; if you complete it after that, you'll only be eligible for the cash.

So what are you waiting to for? Get on over to the survey and win those prizes !


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