If you haven't heard of TechCrunch , then you may be living in a hole somewhere. Or you're just not obsessed with "all that is web" (my personal grounding rod,  my wife, tells me that there are a lot of you out there).

Nonetheless, TechCrunch -- according to Technorati -- is the 2nd most popular blog on the planet .

We've been "lucky" enough to be covered by TechCrunch four times


As you can see above, it sends a big burst of traffic. It's a great link to have from a search engine optimization perspective since the TechCrunch.com domain has a lot of authority in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. 

Guess how much of that traffic converted into clients, though? 

If you can't read the closed loop marketing graph below, it reads "2." Yes, two customers only.


Now, granted, you could say that there aren't many SMBs looking for a small business website marketing software or marketers looking for inbound internet marketing software at TechCrunch.

And that's the point. As much as us "geeks" get excited when we get "TechCrunched" (yes, it's a verb), it doesn't really match our target market all that well. 

So, the lesson is, choose your online PR targets wisely . For us, it makes a lot more sense to spend time and money on sites like MarketingProfs  (see charts of unpaid traffic from marketing profs below).


To further drive the point home, you'll see that the conversion rates for TechCrunch traffic are horrible compared to the MarketingProfs traffic.  


For the rates, examine the table below:  

TechCrunch MarketingProfs
Visitor to Lead Conversation Rate  6%  31%
Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate  12%  6%
Opportunity to Customer Conversion Rate  15%  55%

Further, you shouldn't always go for the big bang. Sometimes, a handful of links from some less well known bloggers are a lot easier to get and can produce similar results. And with bloggers who aren't as big and unreachable as TechCrunch's writers, you can usually develop a meaningful business-blogging relationship much more quickly (see here , here , here and here ).

All that said, we still like the attention , Mr. Arrington. 

TweetIt from HubSpot

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Originally published Jan 28, 2009 7:47:00 AM, updated July 08 2013