Blogging Businesses Experience 126% Higher Lead Growth Than Non-Blogging Businesses

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Lily Zhu
Lily Zhu



Do you have good strategies to attract more leads?

We discussed how blogging businesses tend to have more Twitter followers, but is blogging also associated with leads?

The answer is yes. A study of 2,300 HubSpot customers revealed that businesses that blog witness their monthly leads rise by 126% more than those who don't.

We compared leads last month with leads two months ago for 6 consecutive months, and the result shows that blogging businesses, whether or not they use the HubSpot platform, experience a 165% lead growth, a much larger increase than that of non-blogging businesses, which experience a 73% lead growth.

As the HubSpot team compiles more studies on the power of blogging, we also realize that blogging is not a panacea. Other factors such as a clean landing page, strong keywords, and active presence on social media sites collectively contribute to leads attraction--just remember that blogging will be an indispensable element in a successful online marketing strategy.

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