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Small Businesses Invest More in Content Marketing

If you have any doubt about the growing use of content marketing, just take a look at the data recently released in the 2010 Content Marketing Spending Survey conducted by Junta42.

Spending on content marketing represents 33% of the total marketing budget among companies of all sizes, according to more than 250 marketing professionals who responded to the survey. This is 11% more than they spent the year before. In addition, smaller companies (99 employees or fewer) are spending a greater percentage of their marketing budget (40%) on content marketing compared to larger companies (18%).

There's a reason for the increased commitment to content -- e.g., website content, blogs , social media, case studies, white papers, video, enewsletters, webinars. Businesses are recognizing the value of relevant, compelling content to attract and retain customers and prospects . Producing quality content enables businesses to become thought leaders on subjects, improves their ranking in search engine results and helps build their brand. Most importantly, it makes prospects aware of them, which means that when those prospects are ready to buy, their brand is top-of-mind.

In addition, small businesses, which have fewer marketing and advertising dollars, can level the playing field with content marketing . If they have the time and the talent to create quality content, their representation on the Web can be equal to that of larger businesses and competition.


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