5 Steps to an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

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Rebecca Churt
Rebecca Churt



Whether you are a small business looking to connect with prospects in LinkedIn or an individual looking for a prospective new job, you have to make sure that your profile is attractive and attracting the right audience. 

Follow these five steps to ensure success: 

1. Tailor Your Profile Information

  • You want to display your first and last name to ensure that people can find you. Plus, if you ask to connect with someone they need to know who you are. So keep the display name settings as "full name." linkedin profile optimization
  • Customize your "Professional Headline," which is also known as "current position". However, the two can be separately maintained to make it more attractive to prospective clients or employers. You can simply edit the headline independent of your current job when in edit mode.

2. Add a Photo

  • Here's a fact, profiles without photos are rarely viewed and rarely used. add linkedin profile photo
  • Add a flattering image that you use throughout all other social networks.
  • Adding a photo makes you recognizable and will help you brand yourself.

3. Customize Your Website Alt Text and URL

  • When adding a new website choose "other" in the drop list of website types. This will give you the option to add a "website title" and voila your link now has an anchor text.

  • Rather than saying "my website" it now says "inbound marketer"...or something like it. linkedin website display

4. Work History

  • If you are self employed you have the opportunity to showcase some of your strengths. Provide a list of recent projects or services completed.
  • If you are looking for a job you clearly need to highlight successes at past jobs. adding linkedin work history
  • At the very minimum list your most recent work (hint: this gives you a chance to brag about yourself.)

5. Recommendations

  • Want a chance to have others brag about you?
  • Ask for recommendations - or to be endorsed as it's called. getting linkedin recommendations
  • Whether it be career highlights or reviews from happy customers...Having these recommendations does not only give you bragging rights but will also give your prospects a chance to hear good things from others who have worked with you.
  • If you don't any recommendations yet then go out today as ask someone you know well to write one.
So here you have it. In about 30 minutes time you too can have your LinkedIn profile optimized.

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