Last Friday, I had the privilege of chatting with Erik Qualman , author of #1 web marketing book Socialnomics .

In the below video, I pick Erik's brain for some tips on how small businesses can use social media better. Watch below.

Tip 1: Build your business using social media while considering the principles of Socialnomics, or social commerce. 78% of people care about what their friends think, and only 14% care what advertisers think. Soon we'll be making the majority of our purchase decisions by considering what our friends say online. 

Tip 2: Businesses' number one obstacle is time, so begin using social media tools in baby steps. When arguing the value of reallocating time to social media, emphasize the valuable real-time feedback you'll be receiving from consumers and potential customers.

Tip 3: The three steps to using social media effectively are: listen, interact and react. Many people forget the last step and don't respond when someone says something negative about their products or services. Use both negative and positive comments as feedback to improve your business. 

For more social media statistics and information, watch Erik's social media video below.

What do you think? Do you agree with Erik's tips or have any additional advice?

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Originally published May 17, 2010 11:05:00 PM, updated March 21 2013


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