Must Watch: 12 Awesome Social Media Tutorials

Andy Pitre
Andy Pitre



For those of you who are getting started with social media marketing , here are 12 video tutorials to help you properly set up many important basic functions. This post focuses on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Facebook , which are the three networks I reccommend everyone set up for themselves and/or their business. Leave a comment below and let me know if there are other social media outlets you would like to learn more about.

Twitter Search in Plain English

The good people at  Common Craft  put together some awesome videos. In this example, they explain Twitter search in "plain english." The key point of this video is that Twitter search is a powerful . Even if you don't yet have a twitter account, do a quick Twitter search for an industry related topic or interest and you'll be supprised at what you find.

How to Use Twitter for Business

If you're still wondering how to best use for Twitter for your businesses, this Howcast video does a great job at explaining the basics of getting started.

How to Use TweetDeck

For those who have only used Twitter's online interface, adding a Twitter client like TweetDeck to the mix will change your life. This video from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing will help you get stared.

One Sneaky Trick to get more Twitter Followers

As the title suggests, this does fall somewhat into the "sneaky trick" category, but it works. Thanks to  SmartPassiveIncome .

How to Setup a Facebook Fan Page

Update 6/6/2010: Thanks Donny for the link to the newer version of this video!


Donny Vaughn at  The Marketing Twins  does a great job at explaining how to create a basic Facebook fan page also known as a Facebook business page.

How to Add a Facebook "Like" Button to Your Site

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing put together this awesome explaination of differt types of Facebook "like" buttons, and boxes that you can add to your website. For more information on the Facebook Like Button, visit .

How to Import a Blog or RSS Feed into Facebook

David Kirk of Tech-Recipes created this video outlining how to add a blog or RSS feed to into Facebook.

How to Create a Facebook Ad

The Facebook interface has changed a bit since vividinsight posted this video about a year ago, but it's still an accurate outline on how to create a Facebook ad campaign .

How to Create a 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile

How to get your LinkedIn profile to 100% complete.

How to Use LinkedIn Answers

MrInternetTips does a great job of outlining the ins and outs of LinkedIn Answers . If you haven't tried using LinkedIn Answers, I highly recommended it. It's a great place to make connections, find prospects and help brand yourself as a thought leader on a particular topic or industry.

How to Send Twitter Updates Through LinkedIn

Learn how to automatically updated your LinkedIn status from Twitter in less than a minute. Thanks to TwinkedIn .

How to Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Another LinkedIn tip explaining how to give and get recommendations on LinkedIn.

These were some of the best videos I could find. Please let me know if you have other's that you have found useful.

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